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Earth Day Promo: Free Stuff!

Earth Day is here, one of our most favorite days/month of the year! One of the ways we show love to preserving this wonderful world that God gave us is by recycling jewelry. Think about it, we recycle bottles and cans, we are making clothes out of Pineapple waste and bamboo and even composting. But what are we actively doing with all our unwanted or unused jewelry?

We are extremely proud to be among the few organizations that up-cycles jewelry and even better; our work benefits the earth while supporting hundreds of children living in poverty in Latin America.

In celebration of Earth Day, during the entire month of April, when you send us your unwanted jewelry, we will send you a free gift! We'll send you either a set of our lovely magnets or a set of bracelets.

So start collecting your unwanted or unused jewelry: bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings (of course) and even pieces that are broken but repairable and once we receive your donation, we will send you your gift!

Where to send:

The Orphaned Earring

P.O. Box 1565

Hawthorne, CA 90251

What to include:

Jewelry donations, a note with your color preference (we'll try to match your color) and a mailing address - we'll cover shipping!

Together we can continue the cycle of social good - you do something great and clean our your jewelry box, we up-cycle and sell, and together we support children in need. So go now and help bead hearts back together!

Happy Earth Day!


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