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Help Mingo

Mingo is our sweet boy who lives in the mountains of Guatemala. He has encephalocele, a type of neural defect characterized by sac-like protrusions of the brain and membranes through openings in the skull. It’s a rare defect that occurs during fetal development and the lack of pre-natal care is a factor. He does not speak, he is not potty-trained and his family is chastised for his condition. He lives in terrible conditions and needs our help to get the surgery he desperately needs. We need $15K to cover the surgery and post surgety care. 

Quince Dreams

Every year we make the dream of having a Quinceañera come true for our young ladies at each orphanage; a right of passage to womanhood that is a big deal in Latin America! Through this program, young ladies commit to staying at the orphanage and pursue education and we commit to supply them with the basic hygiene needs such as sanitary pads, deodorants and other 'young lady' needs. 


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The first orphanage we ever helped. Our kids in Nicaragua are in need of not only physical care but emotional stability. Rescued from dangerous conditions or given up my their parents, over 45 kids live in a home where they receive love, education and counseling.

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We help several groups in Guatemala, an orphanage in Barberena, an indigenous community at a coffee plantation called El Progreso and a small school in the mountain region in San Francisco. We provide food daily for the children, clothes at a montly basis and some medicine throughout the year to these groups who live in extreme poverty and receive no other help but ours.

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We support Casa Estrella in Rosarito, Mexico, an all-girls orphanage housing 18 girls that were rescued from terrible and abusive conditions. We create unique activities to help them build their self-esteem, we provide shcool supplies, toys, clothes, field trips, mentorship and lots of love.


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La Jungla is a center helping at risk children in Bogotá. These kids live in high crime and prostitution zones, many of them living in one room with their entire families. This center offers them hope, healing, therapy and allows them to dream bigger and aspire to better their lives. We provide arts & crafts materials, holiday celebrations and money to help feed the children who visit La Jungla.

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Dominican Republic

There are over 30 girls we support in DR with clothes, arts & crafts and holiday parties. As our newest center, we are currently looking for local therapists that can help the girls overcome life/family traumas and self esteem issues. 

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