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How LiceFreee! Helps Keep Our Kids Healthy

This post is sponsored by LiceFreee! and #WeAllGrow Latina Network, but all my experiences and opinions are my own.

I had a game plan; get there, visit the children in the Guatemalan community and start applying LiceFreee! because our kids, both girls and boys were infested with lice and we needed to do something about it. But since arriving I had a couple of issues.

Last year during our Guatemala trip we took a suitcase full of LiceFreee! thanks to the kind product donation from many of our supports, and a wonderful product donation from LiceFreee! themselves! But when going through customs I was stopped because of the it.

According to Guatemalan health department, any medication must have an expiration date in order to be allowed inside the country, but Licefreee! did not have one. At first we were confused since most products have expiration date and worried that that whole luggage of treatments were going to be confiscated. But then realized that LiceFreee! is a non-toxic, homeopathic head lice treatment that is safe for children 6 months and older because it contains no chemical pesticides, but strong enough for adults too. At the end, even the customs folks were asking for Licefreee! for their own kids – I gave them a few kits, because everyone deserves a head clear of lice.

I was finally with the kids, setting up the Licefreee! application station and the kids along with their parents seemed a little hesitant about the process because it seems “too easy” for it to work. That was a challenge I was not expecting. I had to gather the parents (mostly moms) and explain how traditional remedies for head lice contain chemical pesticides such as permethrin or pyrethrum to treat head lice infestation, but Licefreee! uses the naturally occurring mineral, sodium chloride, to effectively kill head lice and nits. The moms had to see to believe! So we went to work and the were shocked to see how the LiceFreee spray worked on contact. You would see lice struggling to stay alive, the infestation was such, that lice were walking up our fingers as they were dying - yeah, it was a disgusting experience that had me scratching my head too! Everyone was impressed but especially for the professional stainless-steel comb included in each kit that helps comb out the nits and lice and asked if they could keep them.

It was hard work, the infestation was bad but instead of feeling discouraged about treating these kids, my team and I felt encouraged to continue helping the children in this community and LiceFreee! is helping us do it.

Having a lice-free head means so much in this community. We work so hard to bring food and vitamins each month to them and these parasites just suck the life out of them. So what’s the point of trying to keep the children fed if lice will just cause infections, make them sick and rob them from having somewhat of a normal life? So from now on, we will address the lice issue first and then focus on making them healthy so they can get back to your normal life quickly and lice free!

At some point, I know my own little girl will get lice, but I am not worried, I’ll have plenty of experience thanks to LiceFreee! that works on all hair types including thick, curly hair and is 100% Guaranteed

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