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The Orphaned Earring 

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Denisse Montalvan

Founder & Chief Inspired Visionaire, she's driven by passion and grateful for God's blessings. A full time Public Relations professional and winner of several professional awards, she inspires those around her to join her to help children thrive and be part of the social good movement. 


E: denisse@theorphanedearring.com

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Sandy Sanchez

Director of Smiles, she plans all the activities for each orphanage and local events. Her favorite title is mom and is a master kid whisperer who sometimes is the silliest of the bunch.


E: sandy@theorphanedearring.com


Daisy Lopez




Sandra Lopez

The Logistics Mastermind who’s organizational skills and the ability to keep everyone focused is key to the organization’s efforts. Sandra also receives all mailed and helps sort through all jewelry donations, she’s a creative romantic, the friend that every  person should have and a beautiful soul.


E: sandra@theorphanedearring.com



Katherine Clever-Lozano

A true artist, a creative and loving soul, she's Head Designer. Her creations are inspired by love, nature, her passion for life and maybe even her cat! She’s a full-time high school teacher and an inspiration to her students.


E: kat@theorphanedearring.com

Shirley Fernandez