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It’s a Piojo Party! Buy One Donate One with Licefreee!

Calling all piojosas (os) to join the piojo party. Ok, you may not be a piojosa (o) now or think of lice as a party theme, but at some point growing up you had lice and they sure had a party on your head. I had beautiful long, thick and shiny hair and one day after school, my mom noticed I kept scratching my head. When she checked my head, there they were, nasty parasites that attach to human hair and feeds on human blood. Luckily my mom took care of them right away by using some stinky, burning and toxic stuff that I would recognize it if I smelled it today.

I don’t have to worry about my own daughter just yet but I do have other 300 + kids to think about, especially my kids in Guatemala who every year get lice and interrupt with our efforts of healing them and making them healthy.

In time for our Guatemala trip Dec 1, Licefreee! is joining our efforts to kill them little blood sucking parasites off the heads of our kids and has donated a case of Licefreee! But it’s not enough, we have about 100 children at our infested school and we need your help to take with us more Licefreee! product and make sure all our kids’ heads get cleaned up - you know if I leave one kid’s head with a piojo, it will spread again!

Join The Orphaned Earring and Licefreee in this social good mission of keeping kids healthy! For every Licefreee! you buy, Licefreee! will donate one so for our kids in Guatemala! It's easy!

1) Shop on AmazonSmile and select The Orphaned Earring as your charity of choice, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the total amount you shop on eligible items.

2) Click on this link and shop from our wish list:

3) Licefreee! donates one lice removal medication

Bonus: Get your coupon to buy Licefreee! for your self:

Licefreee! was created by parents, for parents. After dealing with a case of head lice with her own children, a member of our R&D team developed Licefreee! Now, there is finally a safe alternative to traditional chemical pesticide remedies for lice, and it works! There is no reason to continue using traditional remedies for head lice that contain chemical pesticides such as permethrin or pyrethrum to treat head lice infestation.

Affordable, over-the-counter Licefreee! brand non-toxic head lice treatments use the naturally occurring mineral, sodium chloride, to effectively kill head lice and nits. Licefreee! remedies for lice are easy to use so you can get back to your normal life quickly and lice free!

Why we choose Licefreee!? They believe and support our work but also:

  • Kills head lice and eggs (called nits)

  • Non-toxic, homeopathic head lice treatments are safe for children 6 months and older

  • Our remedies for lice are strong enough for adults too!

  • The non-toxic choice of school nurses and pediatricians

  • Our treatments contain a professional, stainless-steel nit comb

  • Works on all hair types including thick, curly hair

  • 100% Guaranteed


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