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Crafting and selling unique items to help our orphan kids! 


We craft, we recycle, we're thrifty! We find ways to create goods to sell and raise money to help. We started with bracelets and now have evolved to more! 

  1. Donate your orphaned earrings/unused jewelry

  2. We recycle it and create a unique bracelet to sell

  3. Together we help children thrive


By recycling orphaned earrings and unused jewelry, we create a win-win situation; we care for our planet, avoiding jewelry to end in landfills and we unite communities across the U.S. to support abandoned and neglected children in Latin America.

Every month we send cash donations to five orphanages to buy essential food and grains to feed children living in very impoverished communities. We provide school supplies, clothes, arts & crafts, birthday and holiday parties as a way to help them heal and feel loved. 100% of all sales and donations benefit the children, so donate confident that your money is blessing the children! Any amount helps! 

We are supporting impoverished children, their communities and artisans by recycling jewelry with your help.

Dominican Republic





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