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New Parent Doubts and The App That Can Help!

This is a sponsored post in partnership with WeeSchool. All my opinions, thoughts and ideas are my own.

I’ve always been great with children; it was intuitive that I just needed to give them love, support and uplift them with my words and actions while I was with them. Doing that seemed simple enough and I’ve never doubted my methods through all the years of hard work with The Orphaned Earring.

Now that I’m having my own child, I’m having doubts if I will be a great parent or not. All that loving intuition is still there but now I think about what is the best way to raise her, educate her and how do I give her the tools she needs to survive her tech savvy generation. I guess part of my doubts are due because I’m a first-time mom and all my The Orphaned Earring kids didn’t come home with me as this baby girl will.

But then I learned about WeeSchool and their app could help me and other parents support our baby’s development, taking all the guess work out of what I’m supposed to do while keeping it fun! Not only the information was great but you can get the app for free now! Download the WeeSchool App here by June 1, and you can register for free, lifetime access to all premium WeeSchool content and features!

Here’s what I’ve learned from WeeSchool:

Q: Other than feeding, burping, wiping my baby’s butt and constantly kissing her, are there any activities I should be doing with my newborn?

A: WeeSchool Play Plans are the first-ever curriculum for babies from birth to age 3 and although it may sound serious, it is based on sound education principles. For the parent and the child, it’s all about play, with recommended activities, toys, books and music.

Q: I don’t want to be one of those moms who compares their child’s progress to what they see from other moms on social media. How can I know MY child is achieving milestones at a healthy rate?

A: No need to guess, WeeSchool tracks your child’s development through 117 key milestones, providing research-based insights and play prompts for each so you’re not just tracking your baby’s natural development you’re supporting it.

Q: I’ve heard routines are good not only for parents but for babies, too. Other than play time, bath time and bed time, are there other routines I should be aware of?

A: Each parent will determine which routines are best for baby and WeeSchool includes tools that will help enrich your routines. It serves as the all-in-one go-to resource, with original videos, classic musical tunes, a catalog of original ebooks, and soundtracks and soundscapes to support play time, bath time and bed time. Check out how to use safe, age-appropriate screen time for smart play with your baby and simple tracking for you by downloading the app. Become a Charter Member by June 1st and you will receive a free, lifetime premium membership.

Q: I’m overwhelmed with all the toys and books available at the store who all claim will help me bring the best out of my kid. How do I know this is true? How do I choose from so many options?

A: There are hundreds of options but you can be a smart shopper with the help of the WeeSchool Toy Store. It only showcases the only 43 toys you need to get your child from birth to age 3 with a fully rounded learning experience – no more, no guessing.

Q: How much does WeeSchool cost?

A: Parents can sign up until June 1, 2017 to become a Charter Member and receive lifetime access to all Premium WeeSchool content and features - FREE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP! Download it here today.

I’ve downloaded the app on my iPad and feel a bit more ready than before, my doubts are no longer. Now if the app could actually have the baby for me – that would be fantastic!

ABOUT WEESCHOOL: WeeSchool is the brainchild of the creator of Baby Einstein, Julie Clark. WeeSchool uses today’s technology to create the most complete educational content experience for babies and toddlers. WeeSchool—it’s what comes before preschool.


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