Buying school supplies is big part of getting ready for back to school, but a crucial part to equipping children is getting them mentally prepared too.

Did you know most baby food is older than the babies we feed it to? I didn’t either, but now that I do, I say #NoMoreOldBabyFood and pledge to giving my little one the best options I can!

Learn how to properly install a car seat and keep your passenger children safe at all times while in the car.

¿Sabías que durante el mes de agosto, cerca de 362.000 adolescentes cumplirán 16 años, convirtiéndose en el mes que más chicos comenzarán a conducir? Según la fundación AAA para la seguridad de tránsito (AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety), los adolescentes entre las ed...

Did you know that in the month of August, nearly 362,000 will be turning 16, becoming the month when most teens start to drive? According to AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, new teen drivers ages 16-17 years old are three times as likely as adults to be involved in a...

When you think of the Aquarium of the Pacific, you may think of it as a place where only children could enjoy, but in my recent trip I learned that there are many other fun activities for the whole family. Below I’ve listed a few activities that every So Cal mom and ki...

After 2 months, Nova Blue decided to finally latch, what a crazy little girl! I thought babies only latched early-on and that the longer you waited the harder, or even impossible, it would be. But I was wrong, what I did helped her back on!

Jaundice is very common in newborns, but be aware of the signs before it causes brain damage or need a blood cleanse - Here is all you need to know.

When you are a new parent you will need all the help you can get! From friends bringing you food to relatives spending a day to help with chores and now technology can’t help with raising your child too.

WeeSchool app could help parents support baby’s development, taking all the guess work out of what they are supposed to do while keeping it fun!

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