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Keeping It Fresh for Baby

You may have seen on my IG stories how I strive to make my baby fresh food. I’ve always had the gut feeling that packaged baby food is not good for babies, and thank God for that gut feeling, because it seems that packaged baby food is far from healthy and full of preservatives with no nutritional value.

Since pregnancy I promised myself that I would make Nova fresh food each week to set her on a path of healthy eating for life. Among my favorite tools is the Infantino Fresh Squeezed Squeeze Station which I used to store the food. But with a full time job, The Orphaned Earring demands, a blogger schedule (night time writing) and time needed to care and play with my baby girl, it’s becoming harder and harder to make the fresh food. I often find myself faced with the choice of either spending time with Nova or making her health fresh food – and both choices are because I love my baby. So it was time to search for a healthy alternative.

As I did some research I found that the baby food in jars and pouches are typically older than my baby! That is so disturbing, right? The first two years a baby’s life is the most critical time to ensure they are getting the right nutrition to support their rapid growth and development but the current baby food options are falling short. Baby food on grocery shelves are processed so heavily that it can last for years and, as a result, has little nutritional value by the time it gets to your baby’s belly.

So what choices are we left with? It’s time moms stand together and say #NoMoreOldBabyFood

I was pleased to learn about Little Spoon, a baby food delivery service that works with a team of pediatricians and nutritionists to develop a personalized meal plan suited to your baby's nutritional and developmental needs. That way, you can make sure your baby is getting the right food, every step of the way.

The fact that I can spend more time with Nova, helps not to have the mom-guilt for not being able to make my baby’s fresh food. I will continue to cook for her on weekends but during the week, I’ll be excited to feed her Little Spoon.

Check them on on IG at @littlespoon’ and if you feel like me, share your thoughts about processed baby food on social media and use #NoMoreOldBabyFood.

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