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ENGLISH: Chevy Offers Free OnStar Family Link Service In Time for Summer Teen Drivers

Did you know that in the month of August, nearly 362,000 will be turning 16, becoming the month when most teens start to drive? According to AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, new teen drivers ages 16-17 years old are three times as likely as adults to be involved in a deadly crash. In fact, there is a concept called “100 Deadliest Days,” the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day when the average number of deadly teen driver crashes climbs 15 percent compared to the rest of the year.

But not everything is bad news during this transition period to adulthood for teens, there is technology that help parents have peace of mind when their teens are behind the wheel such as the Onstar Family Link. This technology is available on most 2015 and newer Chevrolet vehicles and can be activated to:

  • allows parents to mute the radio when the front-seat occupants are not wearing safety belts

  • set radio volume limits and speed warnings

  • limit top speed to 85 mph and it automatically enables many available active safety features and prevents anyone from manually turning them off

  • parents can use the Teen Driver in-vehicle report card to know about the distance driven, maximum speed reached, overspeed warnings issued, stability control events, antilock braking events, traction control activations and wide-open throttle events

During the month of August, Owners of eligible Chevrolet vehicles can visit to sign up for three free months of OnStar Family Link. Once signup is complete, vehicle location services and alerts can be set up at After the three-month trial is over, parents will have the option to keep OnStar Family Link for $3.99 a month plus tax.

OnStar Family Link allows parents to stay connected to their teens no matter where their young drivers roam this summer!

Disclosure: the author is part of the AOR who services General Motors #client


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