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Slow Down and Care for Your Precious Cargo! Child Passenger Safety Week

I understand that life can get busy and we are always in a rush to get somewhere or get something done. However, protecting our family must be our utmost priority that requires we slow down, take our time and make sure our babies’ car seats are properly installed.

September is Child Passenger Safety Week and Britax, an industry leader in safety and quality, wants to make sure we take the time to ensure our precious cargo, our children, are safely riding in the car.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every 33 seconds a child under the age of 13 is involved in a crash. Of those children ages 8 and under who died in a vehicle crash in 2014, 26% were not restrained by an age-appropriate device such as an infant seat, booster seat or seat belt.

WOAW! These statistics are alarming!

To think that the death of a child could have been prevented by simply using and correctly installing the appropriate gear is troubling. NO child has control over where he is buckled-up, it is up to parents to slow down, take the time to check each car seat and that way protect their family.

To learn more about the best ways to protect our precious cargo, our friends at LatinaGeeks invited us to hear from a safety technician specialist from Britax where she she discussed and demonstrated proper car seat, you can watch some useful tips here:

Wondering what car seat has the best reputation for having the best safety features? You can have peace of mind knowing that Britax works with customers and outside experts to inform its thinking and innovation to ultimately create a car seat that is safe and stylish such as the Endeavours infant car seat.

The Endeavours infant car seat is designed for safety and mobility. The anti-rebound bar reduces rebound rotation by up to 30% in the event of a crash. Easily and securely install the car seat with a base or without. The Click & Go system allows you to pair the car seat with any Britax single stroller for a customized travel system. Next-level Britax safety features protect your baby beyond federal standards.

So slow down, put your phone away and take the time to properly care for that precious cargo you have in the back —so you and your little one can relax and safely enjoy the ride.


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