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The Giving Tuesday Deal

Every year people are excited over the great deals said to only be found during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Marketers and advertisers do a great job of creating a sense of urgency and a need for all of us to score that sweat deal, and a great job of making us feel like we’re missing out if we don’t shop these holiday-ish days. Although saving on gifts for your love ones is great, we must stop and think what are we doing to balance our life?

I recently read that truly successful people share one trait, it’s not about them. They achieve success because they create change in lives of others, not just their own. There’s no fulfillment in simply giving gifts, there’s fulfillment if your life when you are making a change as well. Some might argue that a holiday gift can change someone’s life, but I’m talking about beyond material things, I’m talking about giving yourself too.

Following Cyber Monday is the not-too-well-known Giving Tuesday, the day where after scoring your sweat deals, you make sure to you give to others. If you haven’t yet, make Giving Tuesday a yearly celebration and make your family a part of it.

I invite you to donate any amount to support our upcoming Holiday Parties for the kids we support through The Orphaned Earring. With the money we pay for food, presents, arts and crafts and sweets for over 300 children who have been abandoned.

There’s always an opportunity to do good. Giving varies depending on where you are located and who surrounds you. It comes in the form of service as well as material things. For example, I live in California where the weather is nice year-round and we only get snow in the mountains where usually you go for fun. Collecting and donating heavy winter close for a needy community, although good, might not be the best investment of my time. Instead, there’s a convalescent home nearby where I can visit the ladies that are probably lonely and in need of a good nail polish, we can make them feel loved and help them get dolled-up for the holidays.

Another way to integrate giving not only on Giving Tuesday but every day is to shop with meaning. Be on the lookout for those brands that while providing a product, they help others.

Happy Giving Tuesday!

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