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Disaster Relief: Children Victims of 'Volcan de Fuego' Guatemala

Photo: Reuters

We can't control natural disasters, but we CAN take action to support children who are victims of the 'Volcan de Fuego' eruption. After loosing EVERYTHING, families are in need of basic needs such as water, food, clothes and medical supplies and The Orphaned Earring is no stranger at providing this type of aid in this area. Now we need to send triple, or quadruple if possible, amount of donations to support so children and their families.

Many families have to wait in long lines to receive aid, but we have local volunteers that are on the ground delivering help in the lines while people wait for help and opening their homes to them.

Thankfully, the 'Volcan de Fuego' eruption did not directly affect the children in the communities we provide ongoing support. However, we can't just sit and witness the pain and devastation while we just count our many blessings.

The money raised will allow us to put together donation boxes full of clothes, emergency kits, blankets and possible small stuffed animals. It will also help pay for expedite shipping to Guatemala and allow us to locally buy bags of incaparina, oatmeal, sugar, rice, beans and other grains, as well as water and supplemental drinks for children.

Please donate ANY AMOUNT - Thank you for constantly supporting the work we do.


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