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7 Cool Last Minute DIY Costumes For Girls

It's exciting to see how over the years Halloween costumes are getting more creative, I dare to even say we've seen a bit more of gender equality in costumes and not all the costume choices for girls are of princesses and ballerinas (which are still uber cute!). We've seen how the costume industry is also catering to girls that also love to dress up as superheroes and ninjas! Perhaps we can attribute the slight improvement to more women holding senior management positions in industries ranging from fashion to technology.

Although there is still A LOT to advocate and many battles to win in favor of gender equality in the work place and in STEM especially, here are some of our favorite instagramable geeky costumes we'd like to see more of:


Among the most popular, this adorable costume is available at the Nasa store, Pottery Barn Kids, Kids Dream Stop and even Khol's.


This is one rat I wouldn't mind having at home. To achieve this Lab Rat costume you may require some simple DIY. A few toys, ears, lab coat and a bit of eyeliner.


Another easy DYI that allows your wild child express her own geeky style!


If time is what you lack but still want your kid to stand out, the librarian or school teacher costume are simple, easy and oh so adorable.


Either a vintage or modern version, a pilot costume is a great way to remind girls that the sky is the limit! We found a boy's outfit at Macy's online (no option for girls) that you can customize to your child's style, or a complete version on Amazon.

Easy to create, fun and inspiring, this costume encourages girls with a passion for a career in biology, veterinary or any similar field.


Rock Paper Scissors is a classic loved by all, and although they say we live in a digital world, we'll always need the occasional magazine or newspaper delivered. We love technology and advancement, but there are some costumes we had to include for the sheer coolness factor and because they tickle our geeky bone.

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