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Reuse. Recycle. Reduce. Replenish. Restore.

These verbs have become a major part of our motto and foundation at The Orphaned Earring. Reusing unwanted jewelry to make beautiful new pieces, Recycling items that otherwise would end up in the trash, Reducing the amount of waste in our world, Replenishing the fashion world with bracelets that help children, Restoring the beauty of unwanted jewelry.

Our mission is to help as many children as possible; this wouldn’t be conceivable without the donations that we receive from our supporters. These recycled items and unwanted jewelry, are the foundation to our organization. Being able to help others while helping the environment simultaneously is the epitamy of what Earth Day is about, we are reusing an item that potentially would’ve ended up in the trash and was seen as useless to help change lives of children in Latin America.

Earth day is a day to sit back and look at the many positive changes and lives we can touch in the world as individuals. Something as simple as planting a tree can help families survive. “Over the past three years, The Canopy Project, has planted over 1.5 million trees in 18 countries And in three high-poverty districts in central Uganda, we planted 350,000 trees to provide local farmers with food, fuel, fencing, and soil stability.”

When you think of Los Angeles, nature and fruit trees aren’t the first things that come to mind. But there are many organizations getting together like the Canopy project and Tree People , to help fight hunger and to help preserve our environment, “TreePeople is a Los Angeles-based non-profit whose mission is to improve the urban environment of the city by planting trees. TreePeople’s Fruit Tree Program provides low-income families, school children and community residents with a source of free fruit to help alleviate hunger, address childhood diabetes and obesity, improve nutrition, and provide shade, beauty and cleaner air now and for decades to come.”

Remember, that one person and one action can make an impacting and powerful change for the world,Rachel Carson wrote a book called, Silent Spring, which is credited in starting the Environmental Conservation movement, Wangari Maathai is the first African woman who won the Nobel Prize for being the founder of the Green Belt Movement that empowered women and helped plant trees in her native country,Kenya. We hold the key to bettering our world for ourselves and the future

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