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Prevent Childhood Melanoma, Make Putting Sunblock on Fun

Every mom (or auntie/godmother) wants the best for their children, including protecting them from dangerous and invisible UV rays. On average, children get 3 times more exposure than adults and, according to Enright Melanoma Foundation, one blistering sunburn can double a child’s lifetime risk of developing skin cancer.

The process of applying sunblock is not always pleasant for kids but there are always ways you can make it fun and sneak-in the much needed protection:

  • Make funny faces – Making funny faces helps distract them from the boring process of putting on sunblock. Encourage them change the funny face each time you move to another area of application. Try using Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Sunscreen, it’s creamy, smells good and does not leave any sticky or thick feeling so kids are not uncomfortable while playing.

  • Add it to their wardrobe – All kids get excited about going outside and they love to help pack too. As you let your child help you gather everything you need for a day out, water, snack, swim gear, etc., remind them to also pack the easy spay sunblock such as the Beach Defense™. This way they start thinking of it as part of everyday life.

  • Spread the sunblock love – Teach your child how important it is to protect him/herself and to care for others. Next time you buy a Neutrogena sunblock, buy an extra one and have your child give it to a friend. And even better, this May-July, Neutrogena will donate one to a family in need, up to $10 million in retail value.*

  • Let them help you apply – You are the best example for your child. Let them see you apply sunscreen and ask them to help you get the spot you missed. That way they are very familiar and comfortable with the process of applying sunblock.

  • Make it a habit – Use it every day. We shouldn’t think of protecting our skin only during sunny days, in fact, concrete, sand, water, and snow reflect 85% to 90% of the sun’s UV rays. So even if it’s over-casted, remember that dangerous UV rays have different ways of getting you.

  • Make a song out of the process – Have fun with your children and bond while at it. You can improvise a song each time you apply sunblock. Sing about a caballito (a baby horse) jumping from nose to forehead to chin to neck while you apply. Any character works! You can sing about a sunblock fairy, a roaring dinosaur or even of an explorer discovering new lands.

Every child deserves protection from the sun’s harmful rays so spread the sunscreen love!

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