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The little things that can help your mental health

Being a parent is joyous and rewarding but it’s also stressful. Whether you’re working or staying at home, parents face a barrage of demands and self-imposed expectations. Study after study shows that parents feel overwhelmed and stretched thin with their time, energy, and money – and women feel the pressure the most.

While we can’t change reality, there are ways women can help their own mental health, because it is just as important as their physical health. Even if it's just one day a month, think of it as your oxygen tank to gather energy to continue doing for your family what you feel is best for them. The mind and body are connected and helping women be their best version of themselves, is the best gift not only to her, but for her family.

Gifts that help women unwind.

While chocolates on Valentine's and flowers on Mother's Day from loved ones are always appreciated, gift yourself things that will significantly improve your mood and well-being.

According to Anabel Castrezana, LMFT, a licensed marriage and family therapist for Kaiser Permanente in Anaheim, Calif., most mothers feel guilty at the thought of taking time for themselves. A lot of women feel it is their duty to provide and do for their families, so they don't take time to reward themselves.

Time may be the biggest factor why women don't take time for themselves. But there are some things that women could and should to daily to keep themselves healthy:

  1. Music Listen to the music you like. As moms sometimes even in that aspect we please others, so make sure you take time to disconnect and listed to the music you like. Classical, jazz, hip-hop, country... whatever makes you happy, will also help you unwind.

  2. Self-guided meditation CDs or DVDs Meditation is being introduced in the schools to help children boost emotional well-being, so why not listen to them when possible? By keeping the audios handy, you can easily pop them in after dropping off your kids at school, driving to work or driving around doing errands.

  3. Find Deals Sing up for discount sites such as Groupon and be on the lookout for deals to spa treatments or a massage so you stay motivated to take time for yourself and relieve tension.

  4. Hire paid help Sometimes there's also guilt tied to hiring someone to help, it makes some women/moms feel like they failed. But hiring a cleaner or a gardener, or a babysitter to have some time for yourself, will give you the mental break you need.

  5. Hobbies Was there a hobby you always wanted to do? Maybe ceramics, ballroom dancing or tennis? Even if it's just a couple of times a month, hobbies are a great way to relax.

  6. Treat your senses Give yourself a stimulating experience, such as attending a music concert, eating at a restaurant, or going to see a play.

​Your mental health should be your priority. If you love your family, you must understand that if the heart of the family is not functioning correctly, the rest of the members will suffer. So take time for yourself so you can continue loving your family (and friends) with your all.


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