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SHARE: Free Hygeia Breast Pumps and Free Housing by Airbnb for Hurricane Harvey Victims

So much devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, but we are truly amazed on how people have come together to help each other. From donations of food and clothes, to local heroes risking their own lives to rescue people and animals from flooded areas, everyone is doing their part.

We know that among the victims are nursing moms that did not have time to grab their belongings for baby and require a clean and safe home where baby and mommy can rest. That's why Airbnb is waiving ALL FEES to people putting up their homes as free urgent accommodations to affected victims, and Hygeia sent cordless pumps and supplies to the Red Cross to distribute to nursing moms in need.

Check our Airbnb for free accommodations. And for nursing moms in need of a breast pump, Hygeia breast pumps are:

  • Cordless and DO NOT require electricity

  • Can be used by multiple users (most pumps cannot do this), in case there's a need to share

  • Include plenty of bottles and accessories that are compatible with multiple pump brands

  • Available through The American Red Cross.

Hygeia want moms to know these are available. Please forward this post to anyone who can spread word or click these links to share on Facebook and Twitter, so more moms can discover these resources.If you are in contact directly with someone in need, make sure they understand to contact the American Red Cross. They are leading the distribution of all resources, including the breast pumps and managing this process. With all the influx of help, Hygeia cannot send pumps directly to moms in these areas. They will need to contact The American Red Cross to get a pump.

Let's continue to come together and love, help, support each, help, support each other.


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