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Google Wins the Super Bowl With These Two Ads

Of all the TV ads that ran during the Super Bowl yesterday, there were a couple that really stood out in our play book and worth watching again. I have to admit Pepsi can do no wrong with their commercials aired over the years, but these Google TV ads leave you with a warm heart and loving life again.


As someone that depends on Google translate for work almost all day, everyday, this ad especially resonates with me and made me realize that I am too connected with thousands of other people in a special tech way. Google highlights the remarkably heartwarming way in which its Translate feature unites people of different cultures. The most-translated phrases are “how are you,” “thank you” and “I love you,” the narrator says over gentle instrumental music and clips of people using the feature to connect with strangers all over the world. Watch it here:


Two things I love most, military/veterans and John Krasinski. Google's commercial focuses on "Job Search for Veterans," and the voice of our favorite character Jim Halpert from The Office narrates the many sacrifices and commitments men and women make to serve our country.

I admit, at the first few seconds they almost lost me, but watching the series of different numbers that didn't make sense flash on the screen, made my brain want to watch and solve whatever the codes meant.

I was witnessing how Google built a tool to help veterans find jobs with a simple search query. When veterans search for “jobs for veterans” along with military job codes such as MOS, AFSC and NEC, the Google search results will display relevant job openings. Employers can also build this feature into their own job boards through Google’s Cloud Talent Solution API. Some of the websites that have this feature implemented include career sites using Talent Solutions like CareerBuilder, Encompass Health Careers, FedEx Careers, Getting Hired and Siemens Careers.

Google once again finds ways to improve our lives, keep us entertained and slowly take over the world... And I'm okay with that.

Photo cred: AceShowBiz


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