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Keeping An Eye On Your Sleeping Baby

When you are a new parent you will need all the help you can get! From friends bringing you food to relatives spending a day to help with chores, there is no reason why technology can’t help with raising your child too.

Mimo is wearable technology for babies that can help you get some well-deserved sleep, knowing that there’s someone is always on the lookout over your baby. The Mimo system is actually very simple and there are TWO options, a crib sheet to track activity and a onesie that helps track sleep:

The Mimo Baby Activity Tracker uses a smart, washable crib sheet to show parents their baby’s sleep activity and movement on their smartphone or tablet (iOS only). Parents and caregivers can see live data, and the Mimo Baby Activity Tracker also sends alerts (via push notification) if no movement has been detected after a certain period of time. In addition, a timeline is generated each morning to show your little one’s activity throughout the night.

  • Fits the US standard mattress size (28 inches x 52 inches)

  • Completely machine washable (dry on low!)

  • Currently sold exclusively at Babies ‘R’ Us

  • The Activity Tracker Turtle and Lilypad can also be used with Mimo kimonos and bodysuits

The Mimo Baby Sleep Tracker uses all-cotton kimonos and bodysuits to show you your baby’s sleep activity, sleeping temperature, body position, activity level, and whether they are awake and asleep, all right to your smartphone. Using Bluetooth Low Energy (the safest technology available), this information is sent, along with live audio, in real-time to your smart device, and parents can share the information with as many caregivers as they like.

  • Designed to fit easily into your daily baby life

  • Mimo kimonos (onesies) are 100% cotton

  • Machine washable on tumble dry on low

  • A available in different sizes so that you can continue monitoring your baby as they grow

  • Available at Babies ‘R’ Us, Target and Amazon

Stand Out Benefits

Mimo uses proprietary sensor technology to give parents insight into their baby’s sleep – helping them see patterns they never thought existed and develop plans to improve sleep routines. Mimo actively keeps parents updated throughout the night to changes in their baby’s activity, and can connect multiple caregivers at once – ensuring everyone gets quality sleep and stays on the same page – because when baby sleeps, parents sleep.

  • Stay connected and share: Check in from anywhere, and share with caregivers so everyone stays in the know about how the baby is sleeping.

  • Safe for baby: Mimo uses ultra low- power Bluetooth Low Energy, which is lower power than a standard audio monitor or your smartphone.

  • Real-time information: See breathing, body position, skin temp, and wake/sleep all in real-time, and stream audio anywhere you are, and get customizable alerts when anything changes.

  • Get nightly snapshots: Mimo generates a daily timeline of how the baby slept, how frequently they woke up, if any alerts were generated, and captures other notes you enter.

With all the listed benefits and information Mimo provides, you can have peace-of-mind while you sleep; making Mimo is the ideal helper for new parents.

Disclosure: We requested the product to review with Baby OE but the company did not provide a sample. All information and opinions are based on research.


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