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Dia De Reyes Gift for Baby OE, Lil'Libros!

One of the things I love the most about Dia de Reyes is that it celebrates the arrival of the Son of God and how the Three Wise Men or Pastores came from far to offer him gifts that were symbolic and prophetic of things to come – it’s celebrating the Jesus since he was a baby!

On January 6, many Hispanic countries celebrate Dia De Reyes and recount the story of how the Pastores followed the star to Bethlehem to adore Baby Jesus. Just the thought of Jesus as a baby is so wonderful, to think that he grew up knowing what our Salvation was going to cost him! #unworthy

Part of the tradition of Dia de Reyes is to give meaningful gifts to children and this year, my baby was lucky to have received a meaningful gift that completely melted my heart: Lil’ Libros!

Over the years, I’ve seen more options in bilingual books for little children and, although they are all great, none are as beautiful in story and presentation as Lil’ Libros. Created from the passion and heart of Ariana Stein and Patty Rodriguez, Lil’ Libros is a series of books that teach babies basic concepts such as numbers, colors, shapes, anatomy and first words while celebrating culture!

Thanks to Ariana and Patty, my baby girl will start her collection of books that hopefully will ignite a passion for reading, make her excited for education and lead to an acceptance to a great university! OK, maybe I’m looking way too far into the future but I believe that a gift such as Lil’ Libros will have an impact in my baby girl’s life, and they are signed copies!

If your still looking for the ideal gift for Dia de Reyes, a gift with meaning, you can do so by shopping online at the Lil’Libros site but also available at Target, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Hopefully by next year the creative dynamic duo of Ariana and Patty will publish the Dia de Reyes books. Raise your hand if you’re with me on this one! For now, I will set out my baby's lil shoes by the door so she can get her Lil'Libros ;)

Happy Dia de Reyes!

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