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Holiday Money Sent! And We Did it Again with Xoom!

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with PayPal and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

The end of the year is the culmination of all our efforts, it’s when we send the largest amount of money to each center so children that have been abandoned by their parents and society in Latin America, can have a Christmas celebration with dignity and love. This year has been particularly hard because I couldn’t personally go to any of the five centers we help to deliver money, shop for presents or spend time with the kids, it’s frustrating but at the same time, I’m so happy that I can rely on technology to help me show the same love and support even when I can’t physically be there for my 300 kids.

At only 4 days away from Noche Buena, my team and I are bursting with JOY because we were able to send our yearly Holiday donation to a few of our centers (Nicaragua, Guatemala and Colombia), the remaining centers will have a Dia de Reyes celebration in January (Mexico and Dominican Republic) as we are still fundraising to help them. The end of the year is always tough for the orphanages but we’ll work double time to help them through the financial struggles – and thanks to your donations, shopping our products and good wishes, we will end 2016 with happy hearts and start 2017 with a bang!

My team works hard, we organize, we struggle and Lord knows I’ve cried thinking that the children we help may go a month without the monetary help we send them every month – but with God’s help, we always manage to pull through.

It’s been five years as an official non-profit doing the work that many would have already given up on, because it’s not easy; it’s time consuming, it requires commitment and will probably inconvenience you in some way. But we’ve stuck long enough to see how technology has taken away the hassle of figuring out how to send money, making it more and more convenient to digitally receive and send money. In our case, we couldn’t do it without Xoom, a PayPal service who’s made it easy and affordable for us to send money to where are hearts are in Latin America. If you ever have any need to send money to loved ones living outside the United States, here is why we recommend Xoom:

transfer provider? We use Pay Here app when doing our trunk shows too!

  • You can send money in seconds, either from your PC of on your phone. We use the mobile app!

  • Relatives in Latin America can send you a ‘request’ for money through Xoom. No need to fill out complicated account information or make mistakes guessing the weird mailing addresses

  • Xoom offers free customer support 24/7 in Spanish and English

  • The Xoom app is available for download the iOS or Android store

So thank you and thanks to all our supporters for making 2016 yet another successful year! #XoomHolidays

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