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Safe In and Outside of the Womb - RSV Awareness!

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with AstraZeneca and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Yep, I'm officially five months pregnant and it’s finally becoming real for me (now that I’m not feeling so sick!). I know my baby is inside me at all times, being protected and hugged with my own body, but I do wonder and worry about how I’m going to protect my baby girl once she is out of her safe haven.

My doctor assured me that taking care of her will almost be by instinct but to make sure to protect her from viruses that could harm her because her immune system will still be developing. So I’m taking note of Respiratory Syncical Virus (RSV), a common seasonal virus that spreads between November and March and is the leading cause of hospitalization for babies in their first year of life.

RSV Awareness month in October is the perfect time to educate myself and all those who will be around my baby about RSV and severe RSV disease. I learned that premature babies are particularly at risk for developing severe RSV disease due to their underdeveloped lungs. is a great resource to educate parents on how to eliminate or minimize risk factors, helping prevent RSV from impacting families and their little lungs.

To all my family, friends, volunteers and anyone who wants to visit my baby, please visit to learn more about RSV disease and how to help keep all babies healthy this RSV season! That will be my condition if you'd like to meet baby girl!

In the meantime, I will continue staring away at the monitor with adoration during my ultrasounds and think of how much I’ve missed my baby since my last doctor's visit, there's nothing like seeing her on that screen, healthy and safe in my womb.

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