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A New Life at 23 #BreastCancerAwareness

When you are 23 years old you don’t think much about life threatening diseases, so it was a blow to my stomach to get the news that I was diagnosed with stage 2 Papillary Thyroid Cancer. It began with a visit to a clinic to get birth control and led to the physician finding a lump in my throat. Next thing I knew, I found myself in a room ready to get a biopsy hoping it is nothing major and only a sis. About a month after two biopsies were done I get a call that changed my life forever. I was told I had cancer over the phone and all I can think to say when asked if I am ok is "what's next?"

My heart felt like it was going one million miles per hour and every part of me was terrified that this would be it for me. After doctor visits and exploring options I had surgery and with God by my side I am now approaching 3 years this November with no signs of returning cancer. The crazy part is that I never asked to get checked for cancer or had any type of curiosity to be cautious. Finding out I had cancer changed my life and I saw life as anew. An appreciation for things I blindly took for granted was born and I have never been so hungry to wake up every morning and thank God for a second chance.

Although my type of cancer was not breast cancer, I can't press enough on the importance of getting checked with your doctor and at least once a month do a self check. The earlier you can detect the cancer, the greater the chances to survive. Here is a great resource:

I could not have imagine to have a new life at only 23, but lucky to have the chance.

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