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The OE Baby - We're Pregnant!

I’m happy to announce there will be one more volunteer joining our team in 2017! By way of human reproduction, my husband and I will have a bundle of joy that for now we are calling baby OE and it's a GIRL!!!! Sometime in March, baby OE will be completely hatched and ready to join my little family of volunteers and all its 300+ brothers and sisters in all the different centers we support.

It was NOT in my heart to have children, I knew that what I really wanted to do was adopt. But as I got closer to my 40’s and when I married my fab husband, I had a change of heart. I will still adopt but as of now I’ll care for the one in my belly.

My prayer today is to raise this baby in God’s ways and that baby OE shares our love of social good and caring for other children like mommy and daddy.

Can't wait to continue sharing with you the joys of children, born or adopted into a family!

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