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Come Travel For Good!

Denisse dresses in the traditional clothes while visiting Guatemala

One of the greatest joys we experience is being able to travel and learn about different cultures, people and customs. We get to learn the culture and therefore better understand the children we help at each country. Besides, who doesn't love to travel!? Have you traveled for social good? For those that have been waiting to merge their passions of traveling and volunteering, Travelocity has an ongoing contest that can help sponsor your social good travels.

{Pic: Dressed in traditional Guatemalan clothing}

Travelocity believes voluntarism makes us and our world a better place and they've created a program to help. By simply following @TravelForGood or @Travelocity on Twitter, you can tweet using #TravelForGood and tell them why you want to go and how you’d volunteer. You could be selected to have your trip paid for and have your cause receive a $10,000 donation from Travelocity.

As easy as that, a simple Tweet may be your ticket to your next destination, maybe you'd even like to join one of our missions trips! Make sure to tag us @OrphanedEarring too!

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