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Giving the Caboodle Type of Love

There’s that old saying that goes, “It’s the little things in life that count.” I’m sure we have all experienced more than enough moments when those words ring so true. When I was a young teenager, I went shopping with my mom to her favorite department store, JC Penny, in search of some good clearance deals. After she rummaged through the racks and found a few good items, we made our way to the register to pay. As we reached the counter, my eyes were transfixed on a JCP promotional deal; a cute Caboodles Make-Up Case that included a small set of Neutrogena products. I had watched the latest Neutrogena commercial on TV and I too wanted to have perfectly clear and beautiful skin like the girl in the commercial. I would never dare ask my mom for such a gift for myself because I knew our financial situation. The set was only $10 but that was a fortune in my pubescent eyes and equally so in my mom’s minimum wage earnings.

My mother interrupted my gaze when she asked me, “Would you like the box, Mija?” Conscientious of its cost, I immediately objected. Truthfully, I really wanted it but I wouldn’t bring myself to let her know.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, Acne Correct, Hydro Boost

To my surprise and joy, my mom asked the cashier to remove two of her items from the purchase and instead include the Caboodles Make-Up Case in the color that I’d love. Needless to say, I kept that blue Caboodles case for a very long time as a reminder of my mother’s sacrifice. And the products inside were enjoyed to the fullest extent; especially, those Neutrogena products. That was one of my sweetest memories and blessings.

Years later, through the efforts of the The Orphaned Earring and the generous heart of Neutrogena, I am now able to bring that same joy to the girls at Casa Estrella in Rosarito, Mx.

Neutrogena’s latest campaign, #SeeWhatsPossible reminds us to continue dreaming and visualizing what is possible. It’s a message that I get to tell our young girls at each orphanage. This campaign inspires every girl and woman to feel loved and confident and to put their best face forward as they pursue their dreams and we hope that every time that woman/girl looks in the mirror, she believes anything is possible!

This coming June 18th, I'll have the chance to show some of the same Caboodle Love my mom gave me, I can’t wait to give each girl their Neutrogena package. I know I will be reminded of that day at the department store and the blessing of having my Mom gift me something that might have seemed insignificant to some but was so special. It’s the little things in life that count and we must never take those little blessings for granted and always #SeeWhatsPossible.

About the author:

Sandra Lopez is The Orphaned Earring mastermind, overseeing all events and incoming jewelry donations. Her wit is unexpected, her humor is unique and her love for social good is out of this world. A true friend, a confidant and mentor to so many girls, her sheer presence will make your day!

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