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You Are The Face of Change

If you ask people if they’d like to give to charity or be involved with a good cause, the response is YES. But, according to 2010 study referenced on, many do not feel any personal responsibility to be involved with efforts to make the world a better place. That’s unfortunate.

The good news is that the recent 2012 Millennial Impact Report shows that 75 percent of young adults ages 20 – 35, although not big amounts, gave money to a nonprofit in 2011. The reports also says that 70 percent helped solicit donations by encouraging colleagues and others to support a cause and are especially inclined to support if they can do it online or by text.

Since apparently younger generations are taking action and moving this world, it’s no surprise that not-even-30-year-old Fam Mirza, Founder and Creative Director at Mirza Minds, a product branding and marketing firm based in Chicago, created 1:Face Watch, a watch that empowers YOU to create change in the world. Each color watch represents a different cause and has a particular metric tied to it. The goal is to create actual quantified change in people’s lives around the world for each watch sold.

Now that you know what 1:Face Watch is, pick a color, proudly wear it and each time you catch your reflection in the watch’s mirror, know that you’ve made a difference.

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