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The Baby Superfood!

Our friends at Save the Children released a new breastfeeding report, Superfood for Babies, stating that 830,000 babies’ lives can be saved if they are breastfed within the first hour of birth. Wow, I always knew breastfeeding was essential for babies and, although it is rarely the case here in the United States, it will save countless lives in the developing world where breastfeeding means the difference between life and death.

Social Good Moms in support of Save the Children are rallying together to call on new Secretary of StateJohn Kerry to help mothers around the world get more support around breastfeeding and lifesaving nutrition for their babies. You too can support by tweeting:

Early #breastfeeding can save 830,000 babies’ lives a year. Sign and save lives! #FirstHour #socialgoodmoms

Even in the U.S., among the different ethnicity, there are breastfeeding disparities and we need to fill the gaps. According to a recent report by the CDC, “The American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes breastfeeding and human milk as the “normative standards for infant feeding.” Given the documented health benefits, the Academy recommends exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months, followed by continued breastfeeding for at least 12 months as complementary foods are introduced.”

Despite of the AAP recommendations the rates are a far cry especially at 6 and 12 months. These are the numbers by race:

For breastfeeding initiation:

  • White women: Increased from 71.8% to 75.2%

  • African American women: Increased from 47.4% to 58.9%

  • Latinas: Increased from 77.6% to 80.0%

For any breastfeeding at 6 months:

  • White women: Increased from 38.2% to 46.6%

  • African American women: Increased from 16.9% to 30.1%

  • Latinas: Increased from 34.6% to 45.2%

For any breastfeeding at 12 months:

  • White women: Increased from 17.1% to 23.3%

  • African American women: Increased from 6.3% to 12.5%

  • Latinas: Increased from 18.2% to 26.3%

Based on the research, Latinas are ahead when breastfeeding but we still need to unite and educate our community on breastfeeding and its health benefits for babies for all ethnicity!

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