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Latina Wins National Award for Philanthropic Efforts in benefit of Children in Latin American

The Orphaned Earring was a finalist to the 2013 Bloganthropy Award and last week I traveled to Arkansas to attend the Champions of Kids Conference where the award ceremony was being held and where we would find out if we won, and we did! It was an experience beyond words. To see so many brands come together for the good of children and their communities was so inspirational! The do-good sessions were very educational, the speakers were profound but most of all the friendships I made will be for life!

LOS ANGELES – November 22, 2013 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Denisse Montalvan, Founder and Chief Inspired Visionaire of The Orphaned Earring, is the only Latina to win a prestigious national award for her philanthropic work with children in Latin American. The prestigious Bloganthropy Awards recognizes and honors bloggers who use their sites to support charitable causes.

While being a full time Public Relations professional, Denisse has dedicated the last 3 years to ideate and build a self-sustained non-profit organization that also creates opportunity for others to help. She’s found an artistic and effective way to recycle orphaned earrings and unwanted jewelry by creating bracelets to sell. One hundred percent of the proceeds benefit four orphanages and their surrounding communities in Latin America.

“When I get discouraged and feel I want to quit and give up because I have no money, no sponsors and four holiday parties for 300 kids weighing on my shoulders, God sends me a reminder – this award is not about me, it’s about the kids,” said Denisse. “I’m so excited for the award but even more honored to represent my Latino community.”

Denisse has been a guest speaker at local schools inspiring children and teenagers to make a difference and to strive for a college education that can be used as a tool to extend the hand of good. She develops unique programs that create opportunities for everyone to become involved and do good.

“Champions for Kids congratulates Denisse on her award,” said Blake Brandes, Chief Program Officer at Champions for Kids. “Denisse is a true example of a champion for kids – an individual who mobilizes her community to create positive social impact for children. We are grateful for the opportunity to host the Bloganthropy awards, and we wish Denisse and the other finalist much success in the future.”

“Our winners and finalists show that great change can start from a simple act. Denisse is an inspiration to her community, and we are thrilled to have her join the prestigious group of Bloganthropy Award Winners,” said Debbie Bookstaber, President of Element Associates and co-founder of Bloganthropy.

About The Orphaned Earring Having migrated to the U.S. at age 17, Denisse Montalvan promised God to use her education for a good cause if He helped her obtain her college education. Beating all odds she graduated top of her class and first in her family to obtain a college degree. In late 2011, Montalvan converted her homemade project into a self-sustained non-profit organization and has expanded to aid three other orphanages since. Today the organization helps over 300 children living in orphanages in Nicaragua, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico as well as over 20 indigenous families living in Latin America by providing food, clothes and creative activities as means of healing.

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