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Beating the Post-Event Blues

I had been sad for several days. I was crying over anything, everything bugged me and I didn’t know why. After seeking God in prayer and aware I wasn’t PMS-ing, I resorted toGoogle, because there’s nothing Google can’t answer, right?

Turns out I might have been been experiencing post-event blues. An article from A Mom Knows Best helped shine some light to what I was feeling. Post event blues is that period of time after a major event where all the adrenaline washes away and you are left with long, lethargic days with no deadlines and a mess of paperwork to clean up – and no desire to do anything about it.

Here are some steps to get out of that funk!

Organize I’ve been using this apparent “free time” to revisit all the things I’ve been meaning to organize or clean but unable due to the crazy workload and schedule. I’ve written all of them down and tackle them one by one. I’ve cleaned out my closet and reorganize my clothes, taken down curtains to wash, went through my books and donated half, cleaned out my work email inbox and recycled all the unwanted paper on my desk.

Shop Yes, there is such a thing as shop-therapy but it’s even more therapeutic when it’s productive shopping. Shop for things that can help organize your home or change up the décor a little to create a new happy space for yourself.


You might already know that we produce happy hormones when we workout. It’s hard to get out the door but once I’m there I feel great! Especially if there’s dancing involved such as Wii Dance or Zumba workouts. Find or revisit the activity you enjoy and schedule time for it.

Plan a trip Having a date to look forward to has helped me get out of the slump. I’m actually excited for a new adventure, focused on nothing else but having fun and relaxing. My best friend’s birthday and mine is in June so in 6 months from now we will take a short trip to celebrate. If a trip is not possible, think about booking a massage at a spa where you can also enjoy their facilities such as The Glen Ivy Spa.

Talk to friends – Write down your goals A good friend reminded me how passionate I’ve been about my career and especially The Orphaned Earring. To hear him describe my work and point out how much I have accomplished despite of the challenges renewed my desire to grow and move forward with my projects. He advised I write down my long-term goals and think of short-term ones that I can start immediately.

Help others Although the focus of my blog is to help, you can never help enough. Keep yourself busy while doing good.

Everyone has different coping mechanisms. If you’ve experienced anything like this please share with me how you’ve been able to pull yourself back-up. If you are currently feeling this way and want to talk to someone, feel free to reach out to me at, I’m more than happy to chat with you and figure out a way to pick each other up.

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