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Free Apps that Give to Charity #GivingTuesday

Every year people live the excitement of anticipating great deals said to only be found during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Marketers and advertisers do a great job of creating a sense of urgency and a need for all of us to score that sweat deal, and a great job of making us feel like we’re missing out if we don’t shop these holiday-ish days. Although saving on gifts for your love ones is great, we must stop and think what are we doing to balance our life?

Following Cyber Monday is the not-too-well-known Giving Tuesday, the day where after scoring your sweat deals, you make sure to you give to others.

If you haven’t yet, make Giving Tuesday a yearly celebration and make your family a part of it.

One of the many ways to integrate giving not only on Giving Tuesday but every day is to shop with meaning. Be on the lookout for those brands that while providing a product, they help others.

And among the easiest ways to help is by downloading and using these FREE apps – Doing good couldn’t be any easier:

Instead Micro donations, making macro impact.

A small change in your routine, makes a big difference on the life of someone else. Instead encourages simple cost saving alternatives that make an impact $3 and $5 at a time.

Instead of buying a coffee, you can brew a coffee at home and donate $3 to provide clean water.

Commit to cooking your own meals at home for 3 nights and you can provide HIV medication to someone.

Check-in for Good Check-in for Good lets businesses offer a $1 donation for every customer that comes in and uses the app to “check-in” using the GPS location of your smartphone. This app could become a great way to discover new restaurants, stores or other business.

Donate a photo I love when brands develop apps for good. That’s the case of Johnson & Johnson. With this app you choose a cause, share a photo and Johnson & Johnson gives your cause $1. Sign up is required.

Johnson & Johnson was curated a list of trusted causes and for every photo shared the company gives $1 to the cause you want to help. You can choose from fixing a public park, get medicine for an infant or help kids play sports safely. Each cause will receive a minimum donation and will appear in the app until its donation period ends or its goal is reached.

Givatron – Give to Charity Givatron lets you easily find and make mobile donations of any amount to nearly any registered charity in North America and the United Kingdom.

Charity Miles This free app allows you to earn donations as you sweat. Track your exercise miles with the Charity Miles app and earn 10¢ per mile for bikers or 25¢ per mile for walkers and runners for your charity of choice.

One Today by Google Allows users to easily donate $1 to various nonprofit organizations. A different charitable cause is profiled each day, and if you like what you see, contributing $1 from your Google Wallet account is as easy as tapping a button. If you’re particularly passionate about a given nonprofit, you can also opt to match donations of your friends. A summary of each nonprofit organization is provided, along with a general overview of how your money will help make a difference.

  • Donate to what inspires you.

  • Learn about a different cause every day.

  • Amplify your impact by matching your friends’ donations.

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