Women who breastfeed for 6 months or longer cuts the risk of developing type 2 diabetes nearly in half for women throughout their childbearing years.

Babies don't need many calories, but they do need lots of nutrients. Yet some foods commonly offered to babies are essentially junk food – high in calories, sugar, or salt, and low in nutrients.


One of my favorite people in the whole world is my grandma, she says the darnedest things. Whenever she comes to visit from Nicaragua, I love talking to her about old wives tales which to her are just words of advice and beliefs that have been passed down from older g...




I had been sad for several days. I was crying over anything, everything bugged me and I didn’t know why. After seeking God in prayer and aware I wasn’t PMS-ing, I resorted toGoogle, because there’s nothing Google can’t answer, right?


Turns out I might have been been...


Did you know that almost all kids are infected with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) at least once by the time they’re 2 years old? And that RSV infections often occur in epidemics that last from late fall through early spring? RSV usually lasts about a week, but som...

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