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Jewelry Recycling

By recycling orphaned earrings and unused jewelry, we create unique handmade bracelets to sell. One-hundred percent of the proceeds benefit abandoned and neglected children in Latin America.


How it Works:

1) Donate your orphaned earrings/unused jewelry

2) We recycle it and create a unique bracelet to sell

3) Together we help children thrive

Every month we deliver essential grains and produce to families that live in remote and impoverished areas.

We provide school supplies to ensure that every child is prepared to learn and succeed through education. 

We help children thrive and heal through arts and crafts, music, play and lots of love. ​


The Orphaned Earring is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the purpose of helping abandoned and neglected children in Latin America, while inspiring communities across the U.S. to join the social good movement.


Founded in 2012 as a promise to God by Denisse Montalvan, The Orphaned Earring is a volunteer-based organization that recycles donated jewelry to make unique handmade bracelets as a way to raise money to buy food, clothes, school supplies and to pay some medical needs for over 300 children and their surrounding communities.

We partner with local organizations and government appointed children's centers and homes in Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Colombia and Dominican Republic.



To date, The Orphaned Earring has received jewelry donations from across the country that has provided the materials needed to make new jewelry to be sold. Thanks to the support of hundreds of people, over five thousand bracelets have been made and sold to help children thrive.

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